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Camp fire cooking at Yun-nan, Nan Nuo Mountain 云南,南糯山野炊

  The pond in the middle of the mountain is owned by the Yang family. They caught the fish from the pond. It was a lucky day for me.  Except for the knife and wine that they had to bring from home, everything else was hand made from either bamboos or tree branches from the sight.  Their home made rice wine contains over 50% alcohol, so I have always pass on that. Although, I have to admit that their smells really fragrant.  Bee pupa (Bee nymph) is an important source of protein. However, some locals were allergic to this super high protein food, although they all claimed the taste is irresistible. Did I try? Yes, it was alright.   Chicken congee was consider the honorable treat the guests. Singing and dancing were the must haves. These people were born singers and dancers.  

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